About Us


GOODTEMP Company Limited has run the business for over 30 years. It was initially found as joint venture, registered under the name SUPERCOLD in the cooperation of Thailand-Japan. Intend to supply the finest product with international standard.

GOODTEMP is the manufacturer of refrigerated truck, bus air conditioning and provided after service for the modified commercial vehicle. Completed services has provided i.e. design, modification, base on its actual works such as commodities shelves or the side doors. The temperature can be reached up to -30°C. The materials have well selected, according to our niche marketing with reasonable price, good quality and durability.

GOODTEMP can fulfill the customer requirement regarding to its various products and services with continuously development. We have the professional mechanics that experienced more than 20 years, as well as our field staffs available at the service centers throughout the country. We have provided one stop service to facilitate our customers, instant spare parts, brand new product, and the most important is time saving. We can assure quality of the product as we made by ourselves almost 100%, a budget price with an export quality. We sincerely ensure that we are reliable brand with quality and after services, in regard to our concept “Service with heart, attentive to every need”


Our Profile

  • 2015 We start to open Phuket service center
  • 2014 We start to open Ratchaburi service center
  • 2012 We start to use vacuum machine (helium gas system) in our process
  • 2012 We start to open Udonthani
  • 2011 We get  ISO/TS 1649 : 2009 and We start to open Nakhon Srithammarat distributor
  • 2010 We start to produce Radiator
  • 2009 We start to produce Evaporator Coil  (Parallel system)
  • 2006 We start to open Nakhonratchasima distributor
  • 2006 We start to produce Evaporator Coil (Laminate system)
  • 2004 We start to produce condenser (Parallel Flow system)
  • 2001 We start to open ChiangMai distributor.
  • 2001 We start to produce evaporator coil and condenser  (Serpentine system)
  • 1997 We establish Alumi for produce to material for car air conditioning parts.
  • 1995 We start to large-scale expert for our product
  • 1995 We establish packaging company is under name “Bellpack”
  • 1995 We start to produce our electric system  in car air conditioning system
  • 1991 We start to produce drier
  • 1990 We start to open large-scale distributor at Bangkok
  • 1988 We start to produce refrigerator truck which is under name “Goodtemp”
  • 1981 We start to produce Fin/Tube system (Condenser)
  • 1978 We start OEM for Mazda , Izusu , Hino
  • 1978 We establish Formula industrial